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Customer Analysis

needs, wants, segments, attributes, trends

What is customer analysis?

Developing an up-to-date, detailed, meaningful understanding of your target customers – defined further into different target segments with their attributes and priorities.

All businesses are about serving customer needs and wants – thereby delivering benefits that are valued by
a) the actual users of the product
b) the paying customer (in charge of budgets) and
c) the buyer (in charge of the purchase process).

What are some best practices & tips for customer / user needs analysis?

The core of marketing is keeping a close watch on these evolving user needs – and the various trends – technology, economic, social etc. that influence those customer needs.

Prioritizing them, keeping an eye out for those needs that are expressed but unmet or not adequately serviced by any offering currently available.

What are the key benefits of customer & user needs analysis?

A thorough knowledge of target customers and trends, along with creativity and innovation, enables you to envision new products & features that satisfy as yet unexpressed / unanticipated needs – the epitome of product innovation!

As Henry Ford is supposed to have said (maybe an urban myth but like other enduring myths, there is a kernel of wisdom here!) … if he had asked his target customers what they wanted, they would have strongly voted for an improved horse-drawn carriage.

Of course, whether it is an incremental refinement of a product feature or a newly envisioned product, the process of validating it’s perceived value and usability with your target customers is an essential step in the marketing process.

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