Key elements of Product Marketing Strategy – Strong Brand

3 Pillars of Marketing on a Product Strategy FoundationCreate a successful marketing strategy for a small business or a large enterprise – to power your online marketing and other promotional efforts – starting with the three pillars of marketing outlined on the Online Marketing Strategy 101 home page.

Cut through buzzwords and misconceptions to apply a clear understanding of these core strategic marketing concepts – to enrich your business & marketing strategy, and boost the effectiveness and ROI of your strategy-driven actions.

Let’s start with …

Understanding and applying the power of Branding

What is branding? … And what it isn’t?

What are the major benefits of good branding?

How to develop and maintain a strong brand?


Branding Strategy

Branding 101

  • positive brand image
  • growing reputation
  • competitive positioning
  • product knowledge
  • company credibility



How well do your customers know & appreciate your brand – in a sea of other brands? Which category does your brand occupy from your customers’ perspective?

What are some other brands your current and potential customers recall – either as an equal or superior / inferior to your brand?


What does your brand represent to them? Based on your stated brand promise, what expectations does it create in their minds – in terms of quality, grade, service levels, value, style, customer base / popularity?


Do your target customers have a reasonable understanding of the overall range, as well as specifics, of your product & service offerings?

What is their level of knowledge and their overall impression about your company, your track record, and that most important quality called credibility?


Positioning is about securing a place in your customer’s perceptual map of the marketplace / players – the specific market in which you are trying to increase your presence (awareness & reputation).

Perhaps even more than the other marketing strategy tasks noted here, positioning requires a high degree of creativity, empathy, and insights – to envision the full gamut of benefits delivered and the myriad components that influence your customer’s perception – along various dimensions. These go beyond financial and functional – to other dimensions such as perceived category and grade/quality, status, safety/security, psychological, emotional, social, aspirational, etc.

Much more than logo + colors!

Good, strategy-driven marketing improves your brand perception. It is not just the logo or visible “branding elements” – it is the sum of all their emotional and rational responses to their experiences of doing business with you.

Thus, even attributes like brand style or brand personality come into the picture.

More than the sale

A good brand is therefore, one that customers associate with positive experiences – that goes with meeting or exceeding their expectations consistently.

Creating these great customer experiences means focusing on all touch points – from ordering, inquiries (online or phone), delivery, payment, usage (initial & ongoing), support, reordering, viewing a message (ad or email, etc.). It is not about closing a single transaction, but about nurturing the relationship over a long period of time.

Getting there

A powerful brand is a great asset. The way to get there is via a solid marketing strategy & the resulting messaging strategy – to define and convey what you want your brand to be – to the target audiences you wish to attract and serve!   Questions?

3 Pillars of Marketing on a Product Strategy Foundation


An innovation-oriented, experienced strategic marketing consultant can help you address gaps and untapped opportunities in these high priority areas – starting with a solid product strategy & communications strategy – critical steps towards the achievement of targeted marketing and business goals.

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Once we see the value and impact of these strategic marketing elements, we can start mapping out the best ways to reach your marketing targets.

In the section titled Marketing Analysis, you can review concise summaries of the 4 types of marketing analysis. These summaries, offering tips & key points from a high level perspective, clarify how these strategic marketing analysis tasks provide the essential inputs for your online marketing strategy development. The Strategic Marketing Analysis section highlights the key challenges in each analysis area and the major opportunities that can be harnessed.


When you are ready to create a solid online marketing strategy with an objective guide & sounding board; a sharp, creative thinker & marketing strategist; a reliable professional to partner with you to enhance or overhaul your brand, messaging, and product innovation efforts, drop me a line.


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